With a Breath & a Hope

by Hold The Fight

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    Artwork by the awesome Claire Alex Andrews @ it was a wolf clothing
    Layout and case construction by Laurie 'hold the fight' Cottingham

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released March 11, 2013



all rights reserved


Hold The Fight Eastbourne, UK

Energetic Acoustically Odd Melodic Punk from the sunshine coast of Eastbourne #beyourself

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Track Name: How many times man, I'm not caesar!
Hey the time to quit is far from this (bide your time) as progress doesn’t come with ease.
So pick up yourself in time for you to grow (now)
Pick up yourself it’s time for you to raise a smile, not hide it

If the situation calls for it (wear your pride)
As confidence is paramount
Pick up yourself it’s time for you to show
You have a spark inside your heart, so where’s your charm?
Now fight to be yourself

They'll see what you've done
They'll say what you've done
They'll see who you are
They'll see what you've done

One more day
Track Name: Eleanor
Breathe, only for a second of your life
With the hours ours it makes more sense to try
Harness every word you try to hide
‘cause it might be bright enough to change your life for the better

So just find peace now
‘cause it’s the calm before the storm
If you’re hoping to find something better, written within the resolve
I suppose on reflection we opened doors

Watch what you say

Our time is running out
Our time is running out
Forget what you heard
As every word is tantamount to perjury
And so, choose your side now run your mouth

All we say (all that we say)
All we say is gold
Track Name: Baby you be the architect
We both have the time to see what this could be
We don’t have long
We’ll paint our moments
See what we achieve from our designs

We’ll pick it up around ten
We’ve done enough to burn it down
By dragging up the theories and believing in the crowds
Pick it up around fine
We’ll do enough to save all of our worth and feelings that were beaten by this town

We’ll paint our own
We don’t have time to waste
We’ll paint our own
So stop for now and rest at home

Forget while you sleep
Content just to forget, forgive, forget all you know

We’ll paint our own
We don’t have time to waste
We’ll paint our own
So stop for now and rest at home
Track Name: Who's game for another one line adventure?
Our time in here is everything
Where there’s a choice
To co-exist or dream a hope beyond a hope
They grow while we stay lost
But hey it’s time you lost yourself too

I seem to mask everything I don’t want to know
For every ounce of courtesy I am thankful

Raise a self-indulgent fist up to the sky
And hope that we stay here
This is the life we’ve got to live before we choke
So throw your caution here

I seem to mask everything I don’t want to
For every ounce of courtesy I am shown
It’s just not growing up without the show
For every ounce of courtesy I am thankful
Let this go
Track Name: We will sink your battleship!
If we care about the critics we will never evolve for you
We don’t care about what’s left behind
We are the fight

If we focus on the ‘c’s we’ll never grow
Taking our recognise the fight
We’ll start the fire

We are one

We don’t have much to take at all
From every scribe waiting on every word to falter
Take it back
We don’t have much at stake at all
And every time we rise and fall
We’ll do it together
You know it’s time to rise above

Wait forever if that’s what it takes
But the answer is not to your question
Track Name: Face it kid you can't build a bridge out of algebra
If I concede the truth was in their lies
Then I must start believing it from miles away
Make or break you’re a brilliant fake
You take it in your stride
I considered taking leaps that seem too far for me

Take a running jump, son
Reminded of

Every cloak and dagger act
The damage done before
Now I could set a fire in the heart of every one
Paragraphs and poetry with venom in between
Is this as elementary as it seems, quite possibly

Don’t waste your time on me
‘cause I’ve not given up
Don’t waste your lines on me
‘cause I have none

Watch your back against
The way you are will get you so far
So trusting
Though never again

Hey this is not complete
(What have you done?)
Hey this is not routine
So wait and watch it turn serene
Look what you've done
So this is what it means to breathe